Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did I Say This Was an HG Blog?

Apparently I was wrong! It really is a medical marijuana blog, despite my best efforts. Pretty soon I'll have to change our button from a green ribbon into a green leaf.

I swear that I really am a fairly normal, suburbanite American. Really. How on earth I came to have blogs advocating placenta encapsulation and medical marijuana, I'll never know.

But anyhow! Back to the topic at hand!

Sleepwalker, an HG mama living in the UK, posted the following comments and thoughts on my articles about medical marijuana for hyperemesis, and I wanted to repost them here so that everyone could see them.

"I'm not pregnant but had awful hg and have been researching marijuana on my blog. Vaporisers (volcano digital) look to be the way to go as you don't get smoking fumes and if you have hg you won't be able to keep anything down and you only need a tiny bit, much less than you'd ingest from hash cakes. I have bought 'chronic ice' tea from an online shop here in the UK to try. It is legal and has 5% hemp syrup. It tastes fine, like any ice tea, and I would say I feel a little mellow after a while but certainly not high or anything. MS sufferers have reported that they have found beneficial effects from drinking the legal teas (chronic ice and C-Swiss are the two I have read about). Chronic ice is about £1.30 a can. If it helps MS sufferers then maybe there's enough hemp syrup to help hyperemesis gravidarum but you'd have to be able to keep it down. If I am ever brave enough to be pregnant again (I'd love another baby) then I will find a way to get medical marijuana for the sake of me and the safety of my unborn baby. I've read all the scientific papers and it is safe to use medicinally in this way and much more safe than doing nothing imho. I was so starved and dehydrated that I really don't know how my baby girl did survive. I've posted links to further reading on my blog."

And then: 

"Here is the online shop I bought my tea from (I live in Scotland so this is completely legal here). It is £1.45 a can and is a tiny tiny amount of THC but it is as hemp syrup, not a synthetic additive.

"In the US I think it depends which State folk live in whether or not this is available and I've sern it on but sold out. The packaging is different on my cans, they are green. I bought the 'The Hemp Solution' DVD from that site too and it is very interesting. Marinol, which is prescribed in the US for HG is almost pure THC, much stronger than even the strong strains of cannabis. Drug companies can't make any money from cannabis as they can't patent a plant so they are developing synthetic cannabis compounds which are less effective and not tested on pregnant women (obviously). There's an interesting scientific study of Jamaincan women who make cannabis tea for morning sickness and their babies do really well. I'm going to contact the researcher. See my blog for links." 

And then this evening, an utterly fascinating article:

Lack of endocannabinoids may cause hyperemesis gravidarum suggests Dr Ethan Russo

In terms of evaluating any of this, I am completely out of my element! But I think that there is more-than sufficient evidence to show that medical marijuana has overwhelming potential for the successful treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum. And the main problem is not safety concerns, but legal concerns. If anyone has anything to add, feel free!

I would write more, but I have to go water some plants in my basement.

Night, all! (And I apologize for the formatting errors - my fault for not being careful enough with my pasting.)

* Yes, the line-before-last was a JOKE.

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  1. I have a 21 year old daughter and I had HG with her. It was terrible and I vowed not to ever put my self through that again. I did pretty well keeping that promise until I got married again and pregnant at 41 years of age. It took me 21 years to be suckered into getting pregnant again. And HG was back in full effect. It was worse than my first pregnancy. My husband is againt smoking weed but he would have tried anything to help me through. I wish I had known about this then!

    I have a beautiful 14 month old and I think I may still need a puff! lol


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