Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Remedies for Morning Sickness"

I found this article on a blog that I read, and it is quite good:

"Remedies for Morning Sickness"

May I say right away - this is an article to help mamas with garden variety morning sickness, not HG. As we all know, most of the remedies for normal NVP are either useless or counterproductive for extreme NVP/HG. However, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of this article - lots of great natural remedies, details, and recipes. Good stuff.

Has anyone out there ever tried the Vitamin K/Vitamin C remedy? I read about it before our last came along, but I was too nervous to try it since I'd never actually seen anyone who had actually used this remedy. If anyone out there has used it, please do let me know.

Here's an interesting comment from the comment section:

"This article caught my eye because during my last five pregnancies I was horrifically ill. One interesting note: the two pregnancies I'd had prior to meeting my eternal companion, I wasn't sick at all. Okay, except for that one time I downed a package of gummy bears in 10 seconds flat. 

"However, I really want to share what I discovered, finally, during the 7th and last pregnancy. I was feeling so, sooo awful that I called my midwife so as not to leave her out of this experience. In my conversation I explained that I felt like I had too much acid in me. I wasn't just nauseous, my entire body felt like … you know-the word with the hockey sticks.

"Right then, was when I first heard the term "alkaline diet". She suggested that maybe I really did have too much acid in my body. So, she told me some foods that are alkaline and come to find out, those were the very things I would eat that would give me some respite from the prison of pregnant sickness. (raw carrots, lemonade-made no sense to me!)

"So, taking this thought process further, since apple cider vinegar is (very surprisingly) an alkaline once it's in your body, I decided try drinking an HVC (honey-vinegar-cayenne) concoction that normally the midwife doesn't start me on until later on in the pregnancy. Oh my! You would not believe what a difference it made for me. Not only did I get a break from the nausea, I actually pepped up a bit. I went from spending the entire day suffering while providing minimal care of my younger children til my teen came home so I could go to my room and cry in my bed to actually picking up the floor and cooking meals again.

"I wish I could run an experiment on other women who felt the same way during their pregnancy, but no one has been brave enough to be my lab rat.

"Maybe someday someone will make a break-through discovery and be able to help all pregnant-sick women completely naturally."

This caught my eye because (1) it sounds like this mama really had HG, rather than run-of-the-mill NVP, and (2) right now I am reading up on the concept of alkalinizing diets, with the eye to HG prevention. Any input, anyone?


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