Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Hyperemesis Material!

From an HG mama! A blog that is not a "hyperemesis blog" but which contains a lot of material on and experience with HG - with the added bonus of a search bar for quicker searching!

It's Just a Liminal Phase

Mamas of the world - if you have written down your stories/experiences/research online, whether in an HG blog or a personal blog, do let us know so that we can post it!


  1. Thank you for sharing my blog. I want everyone to be able to quickly find out about medical marijuana as a possible treatment and to realise they have hyperemesis gravidarum more quickly than I did. It has been so hard to track down all the evidence but I'm a PhD level researcher (now sahm) so I have managed to find the papers and reviews required because of my training and tenacity (desperation). I can't believe hg women are left to suffer, why don't doctors and midwoves tell us (whisper even)? I realise I have been ignorant and that the law is wrong. To think unborn babies and mothers are at risk but are just being left to starve or lie in hospital on drips when a tiny bit of marijuana could help is the scandal of our age. Please read my post on Sativex too. I feel so sorry for the hg mothers in thd US states where they just have no options. I think I'd move somewhere else with more enlightened laws for the duration of pregnancy!

  2. I found your blog in an effort to prepare for a possible 2nd pregnancy with HG. I have been doing research to prepare, and praying and debating and thinking....on whether or not i'm ready and willing to go through it again. I'm sure you can relate. I do have a blog, which i wanted to share with you--and also, i'd LOVE to email or chat with you sometime about some of the remedies for your NVP and HG as described in your blog. We seem to have a lot in common actually. -Geneva

  3. Geneva - Of course I would love to talk! Any time. My email is Getting ready for an HG pregnancy is tough in so many ways - physically and spiritually and emotionally. I'll look forward to chatting! :)


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