Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Know You've Got Hyperemesis When.....

Found this on the web. Too funny! I can vouch for about half of these. If you're an HG mum and have some you'd like to contribute, send them on!

You Know You've Got HG When...

- You want to kill people who tell you to eat crackers
- You buy Ensure by the case...and you are only 27 years old
- You forgot you are pregnant
- You think about writing a book about throwing up.
- You throw up and it plops out like cookie dough because you are so dehydrated.
- You have to bring your own soap to to the hospital for your baby's delivery becasue their soap is the one that was used to rinse out your vomit basin during those numerous HG hospital/ER visits.
- The humming sound of an IV motor puts you right to sleep.
- You invite your home nurse to your baby shower.
- When your husband’s complaints of nausea make you laugh.
- You show up at the hospital to deliver and you brought your own IV fluids.
- You think eating an entire bowl of cereal constitutes a good meal.
- Your doctor tells you the worst is over when you just start contractions.

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