Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Insanity Continues....

So we're now on Day #4 of the new diet DH has us trying. It's been easier than I thought! Time-consuming, and somewhat confusing, but not that bad. Hopefully it'll continue that way!

I wouldn't have chosen to go whole-hog with this thing, so it's probably a good thing I have a fanaticism-tendencied hubbie who does dive in feet first to any new enthusiasm. After all, I do have a good bit of weight that I'd love to lose. I could be charitable and call it leftover baby-weight, but as a matter of fact, it would be more accurate to call it toddler weight! Weight that suddenly started putting in an appearance around DS's first birthday - I have no idea why, but I have been too tired to care (much) or do anything about it! So it's probably good that my hand was forced by a now fanatically-health-food-minded hubbie (and this is the man who couldn't get through twelve hours without a soda or two.....).

Of course, we'll have to see if it lasts. Give it a couple of weeks or months! I'll write in then to say if it's a lasting passion or a short-lived spark. I'm good either way.

Other than that, our life has been just a busy routine of work, church, toddler-care, and ANTS. Lots of ANTS!!!! We're now in that late-summer phase wherein if a particle of food is dropped on the floor, there will be a thin black line charging toward it in an hour. I have always been fanatic about animal rights and not killing unnecessarily (taking spiders outside, etc.), but ant hoardes are one thing that can turn me into a wild-eyed mass murderer.

Well, I'm wasting DS's nap! Onto more productive things!!

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