Friday, August 1, 2008


It's been quite a week! I have been busy setting up my new blog, and am pretty happy with the results. Right now I've been drowning in book reviews - I still have one (soon to be two) more to do for this site, and a ton for the other. With my other blog I am going to have to pace myself, as I have about thirty (or more) books which I could review (having been reading steadily on the subject of pregnancy/birth for the past year). However, most of those books are safely in the keeping of either my midwife or the local library, so that will keep me from rushing out in a frenzy to review them all at once - thank goodness!

Also, I've been busy getting ready for a possible upcoming move, working, baby-watching, housecleaning, and a ton of other things that I can't remember at the moment! Today I have to finish house-cleaning, pack for our weekend trip, get paperwork together, and make dinner - all in the next five hours - yikes!!

This blog has been a wee bit neglected lately. Honestly, as I've stated before, I experienced an odd sort of "release" once I posted my manifesto on "questions for God about human suffering." I really feel like Job - I've thrown out my challenge and am waiting for the answer! Of course, I know the answer - I'm just still working through it. I am doing Bible study, book studies and prayer, and have great hopes that there will be good fruit eventually. It's odd that I was able to push down all these feelings of hurt for almost two years before dealing with them - kind of like a wild animal that can put off going into labor during times of stress! But I'm glad I'm being given time to deal with things now before heading into another pregnancy.

I'm really excited to find out what this cycle is going to hold for me - if I get another short luteal phase, I think that I can definitely self-diagnose a luteal phase defect (not that that guarantees sterility; just lowers fertility levels). Right now I just don't mind being infertile, so it's kind of cool to be able to diagnose one's own medical issues. I feel very self-important! A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. :) I was at a great natural-family planning class last night, led by a great local midwife, and she couldn't tell me whether or not a luteal phase can change with pregnancy - though she thought it possible, and so do I. Something has changed our fertility! But, of course, as soon as I think that I'm good and infertile, I'll show up pregnant, so I'm not going to relax too soon.

Well, with all that I have to do today, I'm wasting time! Love to all! And more later.....

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  1. LOL Todd just wants to move across town :) We're not going anywhere! I'm afraid we'll be in Arizona FOREVER!


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