Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ice Cream of Bad Karma

I had to post about this.... It was so disastrous that it was hilarious.

So, last night......

We'd been planning on making cherry ice cream, and we needed to do it soon because I had the cherries ready to go. But with one thing and another, it was already past DS's bedtime by the time we headed to the store to get ice.

We arrive home with said ice. There is a message on the machine from a friend of DH's, asking him to return the call. DH, thinking it might be important, calls back and ends up staying on the phone for something like 45 minutes. Aarrgghh! The ice is melting in the bathtub, and DS is tired and cranky.

I think, "Well, at least I can make up the ice cream to have it ready." I go to the computer to print off the recipe - Aaarrghh! DH has been doing a long series of updates, and the computer is down. Well, I needed to call my parents anyway, so I give them a call and ask my dad to look up the recipe for me. He can't find it.

In the meantime, DH gets off the phone and the computer finishes its updates. My dad asks me a question that I would have had to ask Joe about to answer. I say, "Here, ask Joe!" and hand the phone to DH, intending to look up the recipe and then take the phone back. Both my parents get on the phone and chat with DH for the next HOUR.

When I realize that DH is not going anywhere for a while, I take DS to the kitchen and do my best to mix up the ice cream - on the floor, so DS can watch and participate (sugar, vanilla everywhere, yes). I mix it up, take it to the tub to put in the mixer, and realize.... Aarrgghh! We didn't buy enough ice! It barely comes up to the top! I start it anyway.

DH is still talking. DS is getting crankier. I finally put DS to bed (extra-cranky, as he wants his papa) and then raid the freezer for our few remaining ice cubes. Not enough. I whisper to DH that we need more ice. He nods, and tells my parents that he needs to go so he can go buy more ice. They agree, but keep talking. By the time DH rushes out the door to buy ice, the ice level is down by half.

Ten minutes later, DH returns with more ice. We fly into the bathroom, only to find that..... Aarrgghh! The motor has stopped! And stopped who knows how long ago!! The smell of burning electrical equipment fills the air. The motor is dead as a doornail (not having done this before, I didn't know to keep an eye on it).

Thankfully the ice cream is basically done, so we take it to the kitchen and store our now-needless second bag of ice in the freezer, then collapse to eat the now-extremely-expensive fruit of our labors. It is well after eleven-o'clock.

And after all that..... Well, it was good! Here is the recipe. May your ice cream be more peacefully made than ours:

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp. vanilla
1 tsp. almond extract
1 cups cherries, quartered.

Mix cream, milk and sugar till sugar is dissolved. Add other ingredients. Freeze in ice cream mixer.

My notes:
- For a standard freezer, you will need to double this recipe.
- I would add a pinch of salt next time.
- This is VERY rich. One could easily reverse the proportions of milk and cream, or reduce the cream even more.
- Yum!!

And now, you're asking, what is this doing on an HG blog? Well, this is a personal blog as well, and I must do something to keep it active!!

That, and ice cream was one of the only things I could eat in the month during which I was coming out of HG! That and egg nog (thank goodness it was holiday time!) and pork barbecue (don't ask me on that one!).

I was at Goodwill on Saturday, and found myself drifting wistfully toward the maternity clothes section. With several of my friends pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant, I feel the urge to join them!! If only I could have a nice fluffy pregnancy, I'd go get pregnant tonight!! (TMI, I know) But since HG looms large, as always, caution rules.

However, I am doing splendidly on my whole-foods pre-pregnancy diet! I am consuming massive amounts of greens and broccoli and whole foods. My only downfall is a sweet tooth, as noted above. :) Well, I can but try!!

Love to all for now,

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