Monday, December 3, 2012

When Life Hands You Packing Paper, Make a Thanksgiving Tree!

Two months ago, when DH's work belongings arrived via the post in huge boxes (he'd been working from home when his team was laid off), I immediately snatched up the packing paper that came along with them - perfect for the Thanksgiving tree that I wanted to make!

Of course, DH maintains that the tree really looks like a Thanksgiving saguaro cactus, not a tree. I think he's unfair. What it really looks like is some sort of demented four-armed ghost covered in a horrible tri-color rash. However, I never claimed to be artistic - as I think you'll all agree - and it will have to do:

We were supposed to do a Thankfulness leaf/apple every day through November, but we only remembered about half of the time (though I doubled up on a couple of days to make it look good):

Of course, what I did the rest of the month was try to restrain my fits of frustration and/or rage at the fact that the tree, use however so much tape we would, refused to stay attached to the wall. At least three times a day, it ended up looking like this (or worse):

I'd like to say the project was a smashing success. In reality, results were mixed. I had to deal with a lot of, "Ah, Mom, do we haaaaave to?" from the 6yo, which was frustrating. Child, don't you know you're supposed to express undying gratitude for putting together such an awesome family activity, not to mention evincing an utterly adorable enthusiasm for each day's new phrase of thankfulness? Apparently not. It was more along the lines of, "I don't have anything to be thankful for. Do we have to do this again?" (*Insert sound of me throttling a 6yo.*)

However, when Thanksgiving came around and we could (finally) stop putting up the thankfulness pictures, I got an unexpected crumb: "Mommy, why would we stop doing this project? We have things to be thankful for all year!" (This is where I break down into uncontrollable weeping. Thank you, Lord, finally something I did is sticking!) He has also suddenly evinced a passionate attachment to the Thanksgiving tree and will not let us put it where it ought to go (into the deepest of trash bins). Back to the masking tape we go. 

So there you have it! My uncrafty Thanksgiving. What did y'all do?  

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