Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting Over a MAN Cold

These past two weeks, we have had a M.A.N. (Mean And Nasty) Cold going through our house, and the fun still continues! I am going on two full weeks of being sick (though am feeling better), and we now have victims two, three, and four meandering through the fun of this virus. With the three illnesses we've had go through the house over the past four weeks, I haven't been to church in goodness knows how long - or to any of the Christmas events that we've had to cancel. 

However, we're still having fun. Though the virus is a long-lasting one, only a few days of it are truly nasty, so we've been having a ton of fun at home. Gingerbread houses, cookies, crafts, Christmas music - the whole shebang. We've been having fun, even though we've been snivelling and housebound!

The Chublet's favorite activity - sitting in someone's lap while listening to music. 

I cheated - this was an extra from last year. It smelled decidedly stale. *Gag* So we're going to make proper gingerbread men tomorrow to make up for that gaffe. 

While I was typing just now, the 6yo came in and said, "Oh, is that a picture of Grandma?" No, child, that's me. Thanks for the encouragement. "Oh, well, it looks like Grandma."

Ah well, we have to come to it some day - we all look like our mothers.

On that cheery note, good night, y'all!

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