Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally, a Good Use for Shredded Wheat

Of course, the real question is - does anyone actually eat shredded wheat? And if so, why?

But in the meantime, while those epic questions go unanswered by the ages, I have found a wonderful use for the stuff!

Actually, it was found many years ago, because I did this craft as a child (and still have it!) - and it's super-easy!  Of course, our 6yo still didn't like doing it (he is not a crafty kind o' guy), but by golly we did it anyway. Why? Because good homeschooling mothers do crafts, by gum! That's why! 

Here you go - enjoy!

- Shredded wheat biscuits, the large kind (though I think small would work as well)
- White school glue
- Green food coloring
- Plastic lids (sour cream, etc.) - use a sharpie to draw out the desired shape of your wreath
- Tiny red beads (or whatever color)
- Ribbon

Mix green food coloring with glue till desired color. In another bowl, lightly mash half a shredded wheat biscuit for each wreath. Pour colored glue over and mix in well with a spoon. Heap onto the plastic lid and shape into desired wreath shape. Press beads in. Let dry. Optional - paint over with a thin coat of white glue (which will dry clear). I suppose you could also do some sort of shellac/enamel/etc. Hang with ribbon as ornament on your tree.

Love it! Enjoy!


  1. Haha, I actually eat shredded wheat and love it! I put a bit of honey on top and then pour milk over it all, and even when I was a kid it was one of my favorite breakfasts :) It's always felt more substantial than any other cereal. But then, I've been known to eat things like grapenuts and bran flakes just for the pleasure of it as well, so I might be something of an outlier :P

    But the craft looks awesome! I'll have to remember it for a few years from now :)

  2. Ha, ha! That's great! And I must admit... I am fanatically fond of grapenuts. That's pretty much my breakfast of choice... and lunch... and dinner - or at least, it used to be!!! So I guess I'll concede that Shredded Wheat must appeal to some palates! :)


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