Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oops, Dropped the Ball on That One!

As I journey further into family life and parenting, I find that it all really is like "spinning plates." Have you all noticed the same thing? I work really hard to get one "plate" spinning (child discipline! reading time! housework! organization! marriage!) and then realize that I've meanwhile really neglected another plate - so I run over to start that plate spinning, and the cycle repeats.

Lately, I've realized that I have seriously neglected one "plate" - or rather, not so much "neglected" as "put back into the cupboard and forgot it existed." That plate is... hospitality. The practice of inviting others to share our home and our time and our space. Though I love having other people over for food and fellowship, I realized that it has not just been a matter of days... weeks... or even months since we've had people over. It's been a matter of years.


How on earth did this happen? How did I drop the ball that badly, especially in an area that is biblically mandated, and which I so enjoy?

Well, I think that it had something to do with the birth of our second child. Life has simply become so hectic since then that I have just been... spinning plates. Trying desperately to keep up with the laundry, dishes, meals, child care, home education, housework, you name it - most extras have gone out the window. Just ask me when the last time was that I did something wild and carefree like "get a haircut" or "go out alone with my husband." Yes, both of those can also be measured in years. Hospitality has gone the same way.

Additionally, while DH is far more social than I, he is someone who simply doesn't think consciously about intentionally inviting people over. All of the initiative has to come from me - so when I drop the ball, it doesn't get picked up.

Things definitely need to change. We need the fellowship, and we all enjoy the practice of hospitality (when we don't FORGET it for two or three years). So this is certainly something that needs to go on my to-do list!

Of course, right now we are all sick - and in the middle of the Christmas holidays - so this is not something that I can jump on tomorrow. But it is an area of my life that definitely needs work (like so many others).

I would love to hear from you all - how do you make hospitality a regular part of your family life? I could use some pointers here, ladies!

Have a great night, everyone!

A random after-dinner picture. Because they're cute! 

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