Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making Up For the Sins of a Stale Gingerbread House

Today I fulfilled my promise to make gingerbread men (okay, teddy bears... that's the closest thing I have!) to make up for the fact that the gingerbread house we made yesterday was so stale that it couldn't be eaten. Ick. 

Of course, the 6yo's one interest was in licking the frosting bowl. 

Licking the bowl...

Still licking the bowl....
He finally capitulated (under threat of death) and unwillingly decorated one cookie.

And then went right back to...

What, you already guessed?
 I tell you, cooking projects with this child are a major effort. He has only a smidgen of interest in actually helping - he just wants to consume all the tastiest ingredients. Still, I press on.

But despite all that, I am having so much fun this Christmas season! I have put major effort into planning cooking projects and crafts, and I think we're all enjoying it. Homeschooling has been so good for me - it has forced me to grow and develop in ways that are not natural for me (such as the above), and the results are so much fun (not to mention being good for all of us!).

Happy Sabbath, all! I shall be, once again, at home with a sick family instead of at church. But we will enjoy the Lord's day anyhow!

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