Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taking Advantage of Other Bloggers' Creativity!

A month or two back, I made the commitment to include at least one craft per week into our homeschool curriculum. This is somewhat of a challenge for me, being that I am not particularly crafty myself, and our son does not tend to be into crafts either. (But we're going to do them anyway, by gum!)

However, my task has been made much easier by all you wonderful bloggers out there who post such wonderful, fun, and easy crafts! This morning we did a craft by The Happy Home Fairy - lighted Christmas trees! So easy, no need to buy extra materials, and fun, too! The 6yo even enjoyed it, which is the crown of all craft achievements - he didn't have to get his hands messy (he hates sticky hands, for whatever reasons), and it included lots of violent hole-punching. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks for the idea!

Hop over to the blog to see detailed directions, but in brief: Cut out Christmas tree shape, punch holes, use a glue stick to cover holes with different colors of tissue paper...

Then turn around...


 ... and put over an area that will receive light - and voila! Christmas tree with lights! Love it.

It looks better in person, but you get the idea! 
Happy Christmas crafting, everyone! Feel free to post more wonderful easy Christmas crafts to continue saving me all the work of searching for them!

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