Monday, July 9, 2012

Needing Help From Blogger Friends!

Okay, ladies... I need your help! Can anyone help with this issue?

I use the Blogger Reader (on my blog dashboard) to subscribe to blogs. It works beautifully, except for one thing - it won't let me unsubscribe from a blog. Subscribing is possible, but I cannot find out how to unsubscribe. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

If I click on the icon that says "manage reading list," it takes a super-long time to load the page and then says, "cannot do this, try again later." And this is not new - this happens every time.

I have tried using "View in Google Reader," which will "let" me unsubscribe, with one caveat - the blogs that I "unsubscribe" to are still there after unsubscribing!

Beyond frustrating.

What makes this even more frustrating is the fact that I have recently been spontaneously subscribed to some weird "near-porn" blog (where did this come from???) and, of course, I can't unsubscribe from it - or the other fifty or so blogs I'd like to drop from my reader.

I would love some help if anyone knows the secret!


  1. When you're on the main Google Reader page, look to the left pane that lists all your subscriptions. Change your settings to show all posts (if necessary), and click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the name (you have to hover your mouse pointer over the name to see the drop-own arrow); a pop-up box will open with a list of options, including "unsubscribe". You have to confirm that you're unsubscribing, but that's it.

  2. Hi, Kathy!

    I had gotten that far, but after I confirm the unsubscribe, the blog is still there! Also, I don't use the Google Reader - I just use the dashboard on blogger, so when I make changes on Google Reader, they aren't reflected on my dashboard either. Neither Joe nor I can get this one figured out. Thank you for the help, though! I miss your blog! How are you and the boys doing?

  3. I'm not sure why it isn't working for you! For me, I can click on the icon that looks like a gear that says manage reading list (from the Blogger dashboard) and get to a list of blogs I follow with settings options for each one (and then unsubscribe from there - I just tried it to make sure). Have you tried using a different web browser? Sometimes that makes a difference.

  4. Oh, I read too quickly, and read "Google Reader" instead of "Blogger Reader". :-/ What you said (when I reread it) reminded me that that's why I stopped using the Blogger dashboard/reader in the first place -- it was too unwieldy to add or subtract subscriptions, mark as read, etc.

    I use Mozilla Firefox, and did what kristina b suggested, and it worked fine; if you're having problems, use a different browser. I'd recommend Google Chrome for this (esp. if you have to download a browser just for this -- you can always uninstall and delete it later), since it *should* be all integrated, Blogger being a Google product.

    My family is doing fine. Keith had to get stitches just below while we were on vacation to MN recently. Once you get back on f/b you can look at the pictures, if you're not too squeamish. ;-) The stitches are out, and it's almost completely healed.

    It was kinda funny (meaning "odd", I suppose) -- when we took him to get the stitches the doctor didn't get the area all entirely and completely numb. It was numb around the bottom edge, but the top edge wasn't quite numb, so he was feeling a little bit of the stitches (and not just "pulling" either, despite what the doctor tried to say at first). Somebody cracked a comment about "breathing deep like you're in labor", so I latched onto that and "doula'd" him through it. I had him look in my eyes and match my breathing to try to keep him calm and not move too much (and this is how I know he was feeling it -- he was not looking anywhere near the gash, and wasn't complaining when the needle went through the fatty tissue or the lower edge of the gash, but said "ow-ow-ow" every time the needle went through the upper edge). Also, I asked him if he wanted to get more injections of numbing agent so he wouldn't feel anything, or just get finished with the stitches, and he opted for the latter -- which is what I did when I tore giving birth to him and the lidocaine wasn't injected quite enough. I thought that an almost-humorous coincidence.

  5. Kristina and Kathy - THank you for the input, ladies! I'm going to turn your answers over to the techie around here (i.e. Joe) and see what we can do. I've had enough of "Sexy Tattoo Pictures!" (that's the spammy blog I've spontaneously been subscribed to), plus those 50 or so other blogs I want to drop. I'll let you know! Thanks!

    Kathy - what an adventure, yikes!! I'm glad your little dude is almost healed up after that adventure! We haven't been down that road yet - it sounds scary! Go Doula-Kathy!! :)


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