Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comings and Goings

 I have negative five seconds to blog, so here goes!

Summer crafts: When you ladies post so many lovely crafts on your blogs and Facebook accounts, I don't even have to looking for them! Thank you!!

Bean/pasta/grain mosaics - my one brilliant contribution being to insert said creations into page protectors before displaying. Why didn't I think of this with glitter? Or, more accurately, why did I allow glitter in the house in the first place? It is evil. But I digress:

- Christmas Gingerbread houses in July? Why yes, I think we will! Thank you, Freecycle!!

 - Balloon bowls! Only problem - our finicky son doesn't like to get his fingers messy. So guess who ended up doing the work? So much for my commitment to getting more "crafty" with the kids.


- This summer we have spent some time going to free shows at the libraries around here. So far: Arizona Puppet Theatre, Wildman Phil's Reptile Show, World Wildlife Zoo, The Roping Reynosos, and Arizona Rick's Balloon Show. Fun!

- Yesterday we went to the Arizona Science Center for the first time! It was awesome! I'm hoping to go again next month before our middle son turns three and we have to start paying for him. 

- We spent our last two weeks working a cold out of the house - it claimed five of five victims very quickly. Hopefully we can now manage to stay healthy for the next two weeks so that we can take our trip and also attend the homeschool convention!! I'm so excited about the convention! When we went two years ago, I didn't know anyone or anything, and it was completely overwhelming (though exhilerating and fun at the same time). This time I still don't know anything, but I know a few people and a lot more of the lingo (and curriculum companies, and authors, etc.) - and that should make it much more workable and beneficial. I'll take pictures!

- Various family pictures:

The eldest and the youngest - best friends.
Working on the cuteness factor.

Wee baby frog.

With his newest crib accoutrement - a pillow!

Sacked out on the floor.
- Our eldest's newest hobbies: snakes and guns, preferably both at once. Wow, interesting choices there! So our house now has some rather interesting decor:  

What, doesn't every household have these posted on the fridge?

I have lots and lots to talk about, but unfortunately, the clock is ticking and I'm already six minutes over my time allotment. So it will have to wait!! Love to everyone!!

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