Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is It a Rugby Match? Is It an International War Zone?

Nope.... It's Family Reading Time!

On Friday I made yet another attempt at sitting all three children on the couch and reading to them. Doesn't it sound cuddly? I'm telling you - the woman who can make this miracle work is a better woman than I.

We started off with a fussy baby. Okay, I'll nurse the baby. But now the 3yo is kicking the baby in the head, and the baby is fussy anyhow and refuses to stay latched on. Every time he latches, I read for about one sentence before he pulls off and starts fussing again.

I give up trying to nurse - pull baby up, pat his back, and BLURP! - the cause of his fussiness is revealed as he spits up all over himself, me, the Boppy, and the couch.

Pause for damage control. I love baby wipes. 

Back for another try. This time we get a whole two sentences in before the 3yo throws his water bottle, hitting the baby square on the head. Now the baby is crying - we stop again to comfort the baby.

While I'm patting the baby, the fussy 3yo falls off the couch backwards - I grab his leg, but too late to save him a nice bounce on the floor. Put baby down, pick up 3yo - now both of them are crying. Lovely.

At some point, I just give up. We've gotten a whole half-page read in about forty minutes.

And that's a life in the day! Love it!


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