Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Diaper That Changed the World

(*HG mums, please avoid reading if you are currently nauseated!*)

This morning we got to church super-early for worship team. Shortly after we arrived, I noticed that the church had a rather peculiar smell. Were the drains wrong? Was something wrong with the plumbing?

The odd smell persisted throughout the church - very odd. It was only after we'd been there for about an hour that I realized that the smell wasn't the church. The smell was us. One of the little ones, to be specific - we had a super-bad diaper issue going on.

Only upon taking said child out to the car for a diaper change did I realize that we didn't have just a diaper problem. We had an "oh, my goodness gracious, we have a diaper explosion of super-epic natural-disaster proportions on our hands!"


In six years of non-stop diapering, this was the worst I have ever seen. After gazing in horror at the havoc that one small child had wreaked upon himself, his clothing, and his stroller, DH and I did some quick damage control and then I and the kids headed home, where I spent the church hour hosing and scrubbing down the stroller, cleaning out the back of the car, changing clothing, and doing two loads of laundry.

We got back to church just in time for the closing prayer.

I'd post pictures, but for one, I don't have any - and for another, I'm opposed to pictures that are that gross. And I'm still gagging over the remembered mental images anyhow.

You know you're a parent when.... etc. etc. etc.

Happy Sabbath, all! Hope yours was more hygienic than mine!


  1. I wish I had typed up my worst diaper story ever because it was so ridiculous, I had to laugh through it.

    If that ever happens again, you can leave the un-poopy kids with me!

    Love you and your poopy family ;)

  2. You should still write it down, for posterity!!! Diaper stories are the best. :)


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