Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Remembered It This Year!

Remembered what? Independence Day, of course! Hurray!!!

One of my many homemaking weaknesses is a tendency to remember holidays only after it's too late to do anything about them. "Oh yes, it's.. um... Christmas. And.. um... I guess I should have been doing crafts and decorating and stuff like that all month. Or something."

So this year, the fact that I remembered Independence Day and actually did something about it, however mild in comparison to you crafty Pinterest types!, is amazing and noteworthy.

Here's what we did! (I'm so impressed with myself that I have to write this down. Bear with me.)

-  I made a special dinner of brown sugar drumsticks, French fries, and fruit salad. I was planning on making Strawberry Popsicles, but alas, Sam's Club was out of strawberries - and I was lazy. So instead, I sacrificed my birthday cake, which I made and froze two months ago (and forgot on my actual birthday).

- I remembered to get out the red and blue napkins and plates that I bought five or ten years ago and have forgotten ever since. Folks, I'm on a roll here!!

- We read the Declaration of Independence (or rather, the first two and last paragraphs - more in coming years) as our new 4th of July tradition from one of my favorite blogs. 

- We watched "A Capitol Fourth," the best part of which was a great-quality NON-SCREAMING VERSION (!!!) of our oft-abused national anthem! Is that earth-shaking, or what?

- Afterwards, we went outside and watched fireworks.

It was a wonderful day! Some day I'll come down off of my I-actually-remembered-to-something! holiday high and get back to work. In the meantime, we had a great time!

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