Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for May 3rd

Encouragement for Tired Parents - I love getting the real scoop from mamas who have been in the trenches and really know their stuff.  (Contentment Acres)

The Discipline Method I've Used for Over a Decade - I always love to have new ideas to stick in my parenting brain. (Crystal and Co.)

The Healthy Birth: Dyad or Triad? Exploring Birth and the Microbiome - So much good information on a subject about which I am intensely interested - the intersection between birth practices and gut health. Definitely worth the time to read. (Science and Sensibility)
"[Birth] interventions are valuable and life-saving for many women and infants; however, as they have become more commonly used we have seen an increase in many long-term diseases and disorders. Recent microbiome research suggests that we should consider birth as delivering and nurturing a healthy triad – mom, infant, and microbiome. Currently, studies are being conducted to swab Cesarean delivered infants with vaginal secretions immediately after birth. Should fecal microbiome members also be considered? If hormone surges are important for the microbiome transmission during labor and in breast milk, as the unplanned Cesarean data suggest, how could the natural hormone surges of labor be mimicked for planned Cesarean? When antibiotics are needed for mother or infant, how best can we quickly repopulate the disturbance to the native microbiome?"

“It is Going to Be an Issue” — Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Puts Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs - Sadly, it's all true. (
Another excellent post on the same subject, this time from a Canadian perspective: What Should the Church Expect as Same-Sex Marriage Moves Forward? I especially like his conclusion. (Thinking Theologically, hat tip to

The Mission Field in Your Home - "One thing I often hear from stay at home moms is that they feel they aren’t reaching out with the Gospel of Christ.  They are so busy running a household, they have time for little else... What these mamas are missing is the mission field right in their very homes." (Raising Arrows)

And to end on a fun and exciting note, have you heard this blogger's wonderful news? (In the Nursery of the Nation)

From the Bookshelf

Continuing my survey of classic children's literature that I missed the first time through...

On to Oregon!

I ordered this book by mistake from the library and decided to check it out before returning it. It was awesome! I couldn't put it down - and I ended up finishing it within 24 hours. The writing was superb, and the story (which I think is a true one?) was gripping. I highly recommend this book - for upper elementary and older, or as a family read-aloud.

Magical Melons: More Stories About Caddie Woodlawn

Did you know that there was a sequel to Caddie Woodlawn? Neither did I! But this is a delightful book, despite a somewhat lackluster title, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Recipe Corner

* It's rhubarb season! I tried stewing some rhubarb for the first time in many years, and instantly remembered why my mother is so passionately fond of it. It's awesome.

* In searching for a crockpot banana bread recipe, I got side-tracked with a recipe for crockpot banana bread oatmeal. It was terrific - check it out! My changes: I added one cup of water to the liquids and covered the dish with foil during cooking. Using the "dish inside the crockpot" method really did prevent the oatmeal crust that I've experienced with overnight crockpot oatmeal recipes.

* I tried this recipe for Chicken and Lime Soup, and my husband's only comment was, "Everyone move AWAY from the leftovers." Definitely a keeper. Possible additions to stretch it would be corn or black beans.

* Three weeks after Easter, I finally got around to making Resurrection Rolls. They were absolutely terrific - highly recommended! (My one change: Not having dried milk powder, I omitted that and used milk instead of water.) Yum.

* There comes a point in every woman's life when she finally has to admit that she cannot live without mayonnaise. Enter Paleo Mayonnaise - it was so easy to make (2 minutes, no more) and delicious. I'm going back to make another (double) batch tomorrow.

(Do use extra-light olive oil, unless you don't mind a super-strong olive oil flavor. Having only regular olive oil, I cut it half-and-half with coconut oil, and the olive oil flavor was still very strong. I didn't mind. However, this change did cause the mayonnaise to harden in the fridge.)

Product Recommendation

Cute and Covered Modest Swimwear Fashion

Since the birth of our first girl, I have grown increasingly nervous over the coming challenge of finding modest clothing for little girls - especially in a culture determined to dress girls either as boys or as sex symbols. Swim wear is an entire department of its own in that field.


I am thrilled to announce that a local friend of mine has just opened her own business selling modest swim wear patterns (and supplies) for girls and women. What a wonderful resource for families! This is very exciting, and I know it will be a popular pick.

Have a wonderful week, dear friends!


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    1. Yes, they're so cute! Now if only I could sew! (A skill for another day!)

  2. Been sewing and doing my own patterns since I can remember, but Diana....Need...That...Pattern. Seriously. Will be looking into this.

    1. I hope you enjoy it! She is a wonderful seamstress, so I expect that the patterns are great. :)


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