Saturday, May 16, 2015

Super Deal on Home Pregnancy Tests!

If you ever find me sitting in a circle, saying, "Hi, my name is Diana, and I have a problem," it will be because I am finally admitting to a severe addiction to...

Home pregnancy tests.

Seriously. I have a problem. I go through those things faster than the strawberry ice cream that's calling my name from the freezer right now.

I'm pretty paranoid about pregnancy. Partially this is because I'm an uptight planner - I usually know my due date down to the minute (plus or minus thirty seconds).

Additionally, I think that most post-HG woman are a bit of a (nervous uptight) mess when it comes to contemplating future pregnancies. HG takes a woman into very dark places with pregnancy, and the thought of future pregnancies can be panic-inducing (literally). I get a bit panicky about pregnancy, even though I've now (by the grace of God) successfully completed a non-HG pregnancy. The fear doesn't really leave.

However, I've gotten a bit side-tracked here.

The point is that going through a handful of pregnancy tests every month ("Hey, I sneezed twice! I must be pregnant! Better check!") can be pricey. Even buying tests for a dollar each from Dollar Tree is a bit more than I want to spend.

Thus, I scouted about the internet for a better deal, and I found one! Check these out at Amazon:

Clinical Guard Pregnancy Test Strips (50 ct.)

For ten dollars (with free shipping), this is a screaming deal. My order arrived in just a few days, and it looks great. The reviews are very positive as well.

So there you go! For anyone out there with a similar addiction, I hope that this will be a blessing for you.

But wait! My left eye just twitched. Could this mean....?

Better go check.

Have a happy weekend, dear readers!

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