Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for May 19th

Evidence of How Food Affects Children's Behavior - Having lived through the horrors of a 3yo strung out on Red 40, I'm all about this. (Deep Roots at Home)

Your Revolution Is Killing Us - "As we wait, the body count rises ever higher and all the while the revolutionaries insist the revolution hasn’t really been tried, not yet anyway. All we need is a little bit more: more orgasms, more pills, more sex-ed, more abortion, more freedom man, and then you’ll see the beautiful things we can do for humanity. Just ignore all those bodies." (Crisis Magazine)
The Protohomosexual - At first, I thought of skipping this article - it was a bit dense. But I waded through it, and I am so glad I did. Although my brain may have exploded from the sheer depth of thought that the author put into the subject, my understanding of the issues at hand is forever deepened. (Crisis Magazine, hat tip for both of these articles to Like Mother, Like Daughter)

How to Keep Our Loved Ones Away from this Culture of Death - Good reminders here. (Living from Glory to Glory)

The Secret to Teaching Children - Short. Sweet. True. (A Wise Woman Builds Her Home)

How to Get a Mommy Break Without Using the Television - I've printed this one for my parenting notebook. (Raising Arrows)

To end on a wonderful note, Erika at Large Families on Purpose shares super-special news.
(I also can't wait to catch her podcast on Large Families Living in Small Houses. Her family - twice as large as mine - fits beautifully into a house half the size of ours!)

From the Bookshelf

Family Unplanning: A Guide for Christian Couples Seeking God's Truth on Having Children

This is a concise work on the topic of biblical life ethics, the history of contraception, and the topic of family planning. It's short and sweet (and indeed, is not meant to be lengthy - the author wanted to provide his case succinctly), and it's a good starting place for those interested in investigating the topic of pre-conception Christian life ethics. Fellow Protestants, prepare to be shocked! Highly recommended.

Learn more about the author and his family (and purchase the book) at the author's website.

A Girl of the Limberlost

Having never heard of the author or his works, this book is quite a new experience for me! The style is very unique, and it's not a book to understand easily or quickly. I'm enjoying following the quirks hither and yon. 

Thank you to A Fly on My Homeschool Wall for the book suggestion!

Have a wonderful week, dear readers!


  1. I hope you enjoy A Girl of the Limberlost! We're enjoying it mightily!

    As always, your tidbits and snippets and instructional and inspiring for me.

    1. I almost quit at the beginning, because it was so depressing - but I'm so glad I kept going, because it is so interesting! The style and worldview are a constant surprise, because I find them more typical of a much later time - almost modern - than its own time. I would be interested to learn more about the author and his beliefs/views.

      Thanks again for the suggestion! :)


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