Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for May 27th

Kitchen Table Thoughts on Nursing the Newborn Baby - So much good information in one short article. Read it. Love it. Pass it on to a new mama. (Like Mother, Like Daughter)

How to Overcome Homeschool Burnout - Everyone goes down this path sometime or other! (The Modest Mom)

In Case You Were Trying to Reach Me - One of my favorite bloggers discusses her departure from social media. (Get Along Home)

This Is the Last Righteous Generation - One thing I notice about my generation is that we do not take seriously enough the risks of giving unmonitored smart devices to our children. This is a wake-up call. (No Greater Joy)

Are You Building God's Kingdom or Your Own? - I love Lori's reminders. (Always Learning)
"Our lives down here are short. God commands that we make disciples. Are you making disciples? Are you using your time, talents and gifts to make your home a place where Jesus is welcomed? Are you making sure your children are well-trained in the ways of the Lord? Are you loving your husband and being faithful to him even if it is hard so those around you can see the power of God in your life? Are you spending your later years ministering to those younger than you and helping them be the wives and mothers that God has called them to be? Are you using your time, talents and money building God's kingdom or are you using it to build your own?"
5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Home Sweeter - Saving this to review later! (Sugar Pie Farmhouse)

From the Bookshelf

Continuing my journey through children's literature that I missed the first time through....

The Middle Moffat

Vintage childhood tales from the perspective of a young girl. Light, easy, fun. Very enjoyable! I am now reading others in the series.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

I can't believe I went through my entire childhood without this book. Delightful! Reminiscent of Redwall and other animal-adventure series.

A Brief Pause

I don't need to tell you all that the Duggar family has been in the news lately. And I'm not going to write about the situation, because all of the various angles have been covered repeatedly.

But would you join me in praying for this sweet family?

And if you'd like to send a note of encouragement, you can send them an email to this address or physical note to this address.

Ending Note

Dear readers, I apologize that I have not been around as often as I'd like (or even answering comments within a reasonable time frame). With the start of our school year, I have been so busy... and so tired. Teaching, grading, and keeping up with the children and the house are keeping me busy from sun-up to sun-down. I miss you all and will be around when I can!

Love to you all, dear friends!



  1. Don't have time to comment properly--just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!

    1. Thank you, Anne! Right now I'm SO in awe of you mamas out there who are schooling so many. I feel stretched to the end with just my one. God is really going to have to extend some serious grace to get me into the ranks of the homeschooling-many-children mamas. :)

  2. We really enjoyed Mrs. Frisby too! I read a lot as a child but miss so many great books.

    And I hear you 100% on the not getting to the blog stuff as often or as timely as you want. I'm right there with you and it's only going to get worse as the next baby arrives this fall. I'm praying about what to do with the whole blogging thing.... I get frustrated that I can't post as much as I feel like I 'should' be posting. I also get overwhelmed at the number of emails and questions I get (so many more than you would believe!). I can't get to them all, unless I've already blogged about it somewhere and can just point them in that direction. So that bothers me. And I have this feeling that things are just going to get busier at home so I'll have less time.

    1. My goodness, do I hear you on that one. Yes. Even though we're not getting paid a dime for this blogging big, as soon as one starts a blog the mental self-expectations start building up. "I haven't blogged in a while, I really need to." And then as soon as something happens in one's life, you think "Oh, I really should blog about that." It just piles up in the mental to-do list that we use to torment ourselves.

      Also, since I'm a small-time blogger, I don't get the questions and requests for help that you get - I can only imagine how that adds onto the work load. Yowza!

      I guess this might be why most homeschool bloggers seem to have smaller families - it just gets harder with each child to keep up a blog!!

      Ah, well - off to do all the stuff I should have been doing for the past ten minutes! As you said in your post, when I'm taking care of the blog, it's because I wasn't doing something else that I should have been doing!! :)


    2. "blogging BIT" not "blogging BIG"


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