Monday, January 26, 2015

Tidbits for January 26th

1915 Mother Resolutions - Interesting from a historical perspective as well as the personal! I especially like #4. (The Common Room)

Hurrying the Unhurriable - "'You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion.' I wish all managers and customers understood that, but too often they don't. The problem is: Christians usually don't seem to understand it either." (Scratchings)

Downtown Abbey - What Are Americans Really Watching? - I don't watch the show (or even know what it's about), but that's beside the point! This is a fascinating analysis of the political, social, and religious trends that shaped 19th and 20th century Britain. (, hat tip to

Motherhood Shouldn't Be a Sacrifice - "If we really know that our child is more precious than our waistline, or split-ends, or that yearly trip to Paris; then why do we mourn such things in such a way?  Why do we label them as sacrifices?" (Children Are a Blessing)

God Created Women for Pouring - "'God created the woman for pouring.  They are "all or none" type vessels. Keeping a home, loving your husband and children is a huge undertaking and it takes ALL of a woman to fill. This is why God created the woman to pour of herself completely because he knew it took all of her heart to care for her family. When you take the modern woman who finds a million other things to pour into, important things suffer. There is only so much in that heart to pour.'" (Always Learning)


  1. I particularly liked the "Motherhood Shouldn't be a Sacrifice" article. I feel that way--that there has been no sacrifice in my motherhood. Nothing I did before motherhood compares even the tiniest bit to what I'm doing now. Yes, there are times (like being ill, or fighting depression) that I panic about what I'm doing, but I've become so much more since being a mother than I ever was before that I see it all as a blessing of immeasurable proportion.

    1. Absolutely agree!! Nothing I've done previously to motherhood was anything compared to being a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher. :)


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