Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A (Very) Inconvenient Truth

"Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a substance or habit, the cessation of which causes emotional distress or bodily trauma. It takes away from ordinary life responsibilities such as work, relationships, or health, and consumes a disproportionate amount of time and energy. You can locate your addiction by identifying that sacred cow that, when kicked by a family member or friend, you defend most forcefully. You have had your doubts about it, if not downright guilt and shame, and you have tried to lay it down, but you are compelled to return again and again on a regular basis, trying to deceive others as you deceive yourself."
- Michael Pearl, No Greater Joy magazine, October 2014 (full article)

This passage will say something different to each person reading. (To some lucky people, perhaps it says nothing.) Does this say anything to you?

I know what it says to me. 

What things in life have you had to give up for the health of yourself and your family?


  1. Here's what I've given up for the health of myself and my family: home decorating magazines, blogs, shows, etc. I become discontent with what I have when I indulge in the simplest of readings/watchings. I want to copy patterns and make projects to the detriment of doing the important things my family needs. I get annoyed over soiled furniture, mismatched bedding, and sticky tabletops. I want to spend money in unwise ways and I fret over our budget. I lose my perspective about what matters most. So I don't even pick up the magazines at the library; I stopped following blogs; I keep the shows out of my own home and don't allow myself to watch them when I'm in a place that has access to them. If I avoid them, then I am free to rejoice in miniature footprints on the couch put there by enthusiastic toddlers, sticky tabletops that prove children have been nourished, and mismatched-but-beloved favorite sheets and blankets on beds. And I like to be free to enjoy what I have. :)

    1. You know, that area of life (home decorating) never entered my mind when I was posting this entry - but that is something that can really screw us up. You're quite right! I don't have the problem with the decorating, per se, but I absolutely DO have that problem with cleanliness. Looking at pictures of perfectly clean houses can drive me up a wall!! One of the many reasons I no longer look at Martha Stewart magazines. It's hard enough to calm down our raging housecleaning instincts without making it worse!! :)

      Thanks so much for sharing!!


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