Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tidbits for January 15th

When the Sin of Sloth Sneaks Up on You - "There was no relaxation, EVER. But, it wasn’t because I never sat around.  It was because I was sitting around too much.  I was avoiding what I didn’t want to do, and it was making me miserable." (Your Mom Has a Blog)

What Is Genuine and True? - "We communicate so often through electronics, with short texts, sending articles, posting brief comments on [Facebook] that we let that substitute for relaxed, open conversation.   Interactions can become shallow – we’re in contact but not relationship." (Jim Poulin at Scratchings)

Seeing Setbacks as a God-Send - "When I let the anxiety of not being able to do the things I thought “needed” to be done rule my life, I was a wreck. When I gave it all to the Lord, He guarded my heart and mind and I realized the things I thought mattered didn’t." (Raising Arrows)

When an Unkempt Home Causes Depression - So many good ideas here! (Growing In His Grace)

How to Clean Your Top-Loading Washing Machine - I had no idea that washing machines needed cleaning... until our clothes started smelling distinctly odd. This is the method I use now, and it works! (One Good Thing)

Six Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt - Considering my recent purchase, this is just what I need! (The Modest Mom)

Recipe Corner:

Applesauce Bars - These were a huge hit with the family! I took the sugar from 1 cup down to 2/3 cup and next time I'll take it to 1/2 cup. Delicious! (Taste of Home)

From the Bookshelf:

Amish Society

"Highly acclaimed in previous editions, this classic work by John Hostetler has been expanded and updated to reflect current research on Amish history and culture as well as the new concerns of Amish communities throughout North America."

* This was one of my all-time favorite books in high school - I read it over and over again. Now I've rediscovered it in my local public library, and I'm in love - again!


  1. Dear Diana, warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Nice to meet you, my name is Kinuko (Bible-believing Japanese Christian) and I am a friend of Jessica (Truth At Home). I read your comment in her blog and decided to visit you because I am a full-time head covering woman as well! It is so encouraging to see and hear of a sister who has a same conviction about this issue. Like you, I am also alone in my area who covers. May our Lord Jesus fill your heart with abundant joy this new year. In Christ, Kinuko

    1. Hi, Kinuko!

      Thank you so much for visiting! I saw your name over on Jessica's blog! It is indeed wonderful to connect with other believers who practice headcovering, and I'm excited to connect with you. Thank you for your encouraging comment!! :)



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