Monday, January 12, 2015

Tidbits for January 12th

Complete Guide to a No-Side-Effects Medicine Cabinet - There is so much information here! Wow! Check it out! (Deep Roots at Home)

Are You Making Effort? - "If you want to know how to backslide, leave off going forward. Cease going upward and you will go downward of necessity." Love this quote from Spurgeon. (Contentment Acres)

Is Evolution Biblically Acceptable? The Question of Genesis 1 - Short answer, no. (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Hat Tip to

How to Obtain the Desires of Our Hearts - "But when we line up our desires with God’s will…well, then amazing things will happen!  He will truly begin to change us and shape us to become more like Him...  We will see our desires changing right before our eyes." (Children Are a Blessing)

Parenting a Wild Child - Her story is my story (I could have written this post). I read her article almost two years ago, and it has been an incredible blessing to me. Mothers, be encouraged!  (Women Living Well)

Especially for Locals!

Homeschool Days at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum are back! The Arboretum offers three homeschool days annually - one each in February, March, and April. The price is awesome ($2 per person ages four and up), and spots fill up quickly - so don't wait to sign up!

At last year's Arboretum Homeschool Days. 

The annual Southwest Family Vision Conference is coming up on Friday, January 30th and Saturday, January 31st. My husband attended last year and absolutely loved it, and we are planning to attend again this year. We're especially excited to hear the keynote, the amazing Vodie Baucham. Registration is free, and the whole family is welcome to attend, so come out and join us!

DH with last year's keynote, author Scott Brown. 

Recipe Corner:

We'll be making our favorite King Cake for Epiphany - possibly one of the most delicious confections known to man. Join us!

Have a wonderful week, dear friends!


  1. You're such a great reader. My brain can't handle much right now, and I've read some of your recent recommendations, but I'm compiling a list to check out when I come back into focus again.

    1. Oh, goodness - These are meant to be fun, but you all should NEVER feel obligated to read things just because I post them. No pressure at all!! They're just fun things for whoever has time. :)


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