Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tidbits for January 22nd

Tidbits for January 22nd

10 Things Homeschooled Children Don't Miss - Yes! Love this! (Growing In His Grace)

Starting Your Own (Homeschool) Book Club - I'd love to try this sometime in the future! Follow-up post here. (Our Busy Homeschool)

God Takes Pleasure in Your Simple Life - "Whether you are making a pie, working in your garden, teaching your children or fixing your husband's favorite dinner {all the simple things in life}, you can truly say, "I feel His pleasure" since these activities are what most women were made for by God." I just discovered this blog, and I love it! (Always Learning)

From the Bookshelf

 Created to Be His Helpmeet

Now on my fourth reading, this book provides a good kick in the pants when I need it - which is, sadly, often. (My review here.)

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

I read (and reviewed) this book last year - now it's time for a re-read! Love this book.

The Recipe Corner

Meyer Lemon Cake - Meyer lemons? In a cake? Yes, please! I haven't tried this yet, but can't wait to give it a go. From one of my favorite blogs. (Like Mother, Like Daughter)

Blackberry Cake - One of my favorite bloggers cooks with my favorite fruit - I can't wait to try this! I'm planning to make it next summer on our annual blackberrying expedition. (The Common Room)

Red Enchilada Sauce - From a friend's blog! We tried this tonight (with Easy Enchiladas), and it was lovely! (Are They All Yours?)

Cinnamon Cream Pie - I found this recipe just after finding out that we were expecting our latest little one. Translation - It didn't get made! Almost a year later, we finally tried it (last night), and it was wonderful! Even our tending-toward-pickiness 8yo loved it - he rated it was "better than Panda (Express)," which is his highest form of praise. Note: Baking time was considerably longer than an hour. (Raising Arrows)

Have a wonderful week, dear friends! 


  1. Hello Diana, it's so nice to meet you. You have a beautiful site and a TON of information here. I'm happily looking around here for the next little while.
    Deborah | The Farmer's Wife

    1. Thank you for visiting, and for your kind words! I look forward to getting to know you!!


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