Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hyperemesis: "It's a Small Price"

From Wendy at Contentment Acres (a re-post from 2007):

"I am in no way minimizing the effects HG has on a woman's health, but I would go through it all again to have each of my children."

Read the whole post here.

Read more about Wendy's experiences with hyperemesis gravidarum here (there are more articles on her blog):

Have a wonderful Sabbath, dear readers! 


  1. It's true. The price is small (whether it be HG or bed rest or PTSD from hard labors or whatever). It's just hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. My struggle isn't with HG, but I've lost my perspective nonetheless, so I thank you for this timely reminder.

    1. Wendy always blows me away with her ability to accept hyperemesis for the sake of her children. I get whiny even with normal morning sickness!! It's a good reminder to me too. Speaking of which... I am expecting baby news from you any second!!!!! :)


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