Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Postpartum Nausea: Mama #2

My friend Anna has dealt with an extremely rare complication of HG - namely, HG that continues right on past baby's birth. Thankfully, it is a very, very rare complication - so rare, that she has never found anyone else who has dealt with it... until now! Anna told me that she has been contacted by another mama who is also experiencing post-pregnancy HG. This intrigues me.... if there are two, there are most likely more. This is very rare, but the information needs to be out there for mothers who deal with it. Anyone else who finds this and has experienced post-pregnancy HG - let Anna know!

I have dealt with post-pregnancy nausea issues - being more nausea prone, having longer nausea after stomach flu, having random low-level nausea for the first postpartum year - but thankfully I have never known true postpartum HG. Scary stuff.

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