Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doctor #3: Physical Therapy

We're now halfway done with our doctors' visits!

Item #1: Our bloodwork - or rather, most of it - came back earlier this week, and it was all normal. Hurray! However, that's what we expected. The most critical part, and the part that we're expecting that any answers will come from - that is, the chromosome analysis - won't be here for up to another two weeks. And so we wait!

Item #2: Our appointment today with the physical therapist for baby's evaluation:

Well, we had a harried beginning - I got lost (I thought it was Mapquest, but in the end it turned out to be me, which quickly ended my flood of righteous indignation), and then I couldn't call the office to ask for directions because - as usual - my cell phone was dead. So by the time I actually got there it was late and DH was freaking out because he thought something was wrong, knowing that I'm the uptight-and-on-time kind.

Additionally, it was a bit distracting because we had our 4yo with us and had to keep an eye on him, and there were also other clients in the room with us.

However, the evaluation went well and the therapist (whom we really liked) was not unduly concerned with baby. She said that he is behind, but doesn't have the critical issues of some babies she sees. She gave us some exercises to do at home, and then we'll be contacted in a few weeks (would be sooner, but our therapist is leaving the practice, so the next person will call us after she gets settled in). After that, therapy will be on an as-needed basis.

My most interesting observation of the day was what a difference there can be between caregivers! Our doctor last week was of the "we're all gonna die" ilk, while today's was of the "eh, he'll be fine" variety. So very, very different!

In a lot of ways, I prefer the "we're all gonna die" variety of doctor, because I'm a hard-headed realist - I want to know the worst immediately, with no false hope. I've always been a "Just the facts, ma'am" kind of person.

DH, on the other hand, much prefers the super-optimistic type of caregiver. He always likes to look on the bright and cheery side of medical situations - he is the type who is always surprised when anyone dies or gets worse, because he has observed signs of improvement and hopefulness, and is sure that recovery is on the way. In fact, we were watching "Wives and Daughters" (our favorite!!!) tonight, and we agreed that he is just like Squire Hamley - who convinced himself that his wife was getting better, when in fact she was dying. So with that in mind, DH was much-encouraged by today's visit!

Now we just have to wait for the chromosome analysis.

The complicating part of it, though, is that we learned afterward that the chromosome analysis that was ordered is not the best test - so even if it comes back clear, it may not be, and we may have to go through the entire process again with the better test, with another month of waiting. Yikes!!

Lots of other stuff going on, but it's bedtime! Happy Labor Day to you all!!!

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