Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Notes

(1) I just got around to changing my email address for comment notification, so I may not have seen your comment if it was left during the last 3-4 weeks. I scrolled down my recent entries to see comments, but any comments left on old posts have probably not been seen - if you need me to see something, please resubmit. Sorry about that!

(2) I'm afraid I've been very, very, very bad about using blog category labels - in fact, I haven't done it for the past, oh, 18 months or so. Thus, I have installed search bars on both my blogs so that visitors can search for a subject of interest. I'll probably get rid of the label category side bars soon.

(3) I have added a new side bar - "Various Lines of Thought on HG Prevention" - this is for links from people who believe they have info on preventing HG, usually through pre-conception diet. If you see anything that would belong there, please let me know!

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