Thursday, September 16, 2010

HG Activism: The Necessity of Getting Full Information

A facebook friend of mine - an old high-school acquaintance - is expecting her first baby (hurray for new babies!!!). A day or two ago, she posted that her husband had had to take her to the emergency room for out-of-control nausea and vomiting that was causing dehydration and preterm contractions.

*Red Alert! * Red Alert! * All hands to the HG-advice station! *

So I immediately hop onto Facebook and message her, giving her my blog address, the address for the HER (Hyperemesis Research) Foundation, encouragement, etc. You know the drill.

Then I got her response: "Oh, actually, I just had a 24-hour stomach bug. I'm fine now."

* Crickets chirping *

This is why I need to wait until having full information before jumping into HG mode! I am so freaked out about HG that whenever I hear about bad vomiting from a pregnant mama, that's where my mind immediately goes. Next time I will need to THINK before I jump.

And Jess, if you're reading, my apologies!

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  1. Don't feel bad. I react the same way when I hear about sick pregnant mommies. I'm sure I've made one or two of them think I'm completely insane! :)


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