Saturday, July 24, 2010


Greetings, all!

I hope that you all are very, very well! As any readers can tell, I am not spending a lot of time blogging, but I wanted to check in while the rest of the family is (all at once, *gasp!*) napping!! (Though of course the sound of my typing will probably wake up our eldest - if we ever buy another house, one of the main things we'll be looking for is bedrooms that are around a corner and not in a location where every event in the main of the house can be seen and heard from the kids' bedroom. Not that that's been annoying or anything. :)

I started doing the pre-conception diet on Monday - not because we're trying to conceive, just as a dry run to try it out. It has actually been harder than I expected, and I was only in Phase I - the part where you have to give up white flour/cornmeal, potatoes, white rice, and all added forms of sugar. The white rice wasn't a problem (don't really eat it), nor were the potatoes, but the sugar and the white flour have been HARD. It's not that I eat a ton of processed foods, but I do make a lot of dishes that have flour and/or sugar in them or their accompanying side dishes - barbecue, sloppy joes, chicken tetrazzini, spaghetti sauce, chicken and dumplings, cornbread, biscuits, chicken a la king, chicken pot pie - in honesty, I'd have to say that a majority of my recipes have either white flour or sugar in them in some form. And having it forbidden makes it worse (I have a bad habit of starting to crave anything that is forbidden).

Today, being that I plan/planned to start Phase II on Monday (the super-hard no-carb phase), I decided to be a little lenient and ended up blowing it big time - granola, a donut from our beloved Cherubini's, you name it. And I find myself extremely disinclined to continue the journey any further, especially as I don't have a really defined end goal in mind (i.e. "we want to conceive and I want to avoid NVP") - it was just "for fun" (plus a little weight loss thrown in. So... will I keep going? I don't know. I'll have to rally my forces and see if I can stir up enough gumption to give it another go. But passing up the white nectarines at Sprouts yesterday (Phase II is obviously no-fruit) was extremely difficult and disheartening - and I don't have a lot of will-power left! We'll see.

Well, so much for blogging - our youngest is up and squawking! I'll have to update on the rest of my life later. Happy weekending to you all!

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