Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Challenge: Again, 3 Weeks Behind

I..... will..... catch...... up...... sometime!!!

The challenge for Week #3 was to pray for my husband daily. Check! Thankfully that's something I already do, so I don't have to do anything except write this blog post. Hurray!

Of course, there is vast room for improvement! I am by no means the woman of prayer that I want to be... but progress is being made! Let me tell you about my latest improvement.

I am terrible with being regular about prayer and prayer requests. Why? Because whenever I write out a schedule (i.e. on Monday pray for A, B, C; on Tuesday pray for D, E, F, etc.) I get overwhelmingly bored with the repetition and predictability within a week or two, and out go my careful preparations. This has happened more times than I can count.

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she wrote her prayer requests/concerns on popsicle sticks and kept them in a jar, and picked out a few every day. I thought that that sounded lovely (no more predictability!), and decided to try it.

And then began a several-year-long saga of trying to remember to buy popsicle sticks at the grocery store!

Last month, I finally tracked down those wily popsicle sticks.... only to discover that they bleed horribly when written on with black sharpie pens, and that I couldn't stand the messy look! So I ended up cutting up a cracker box and using the strips of cardboard instead. So much for my popsicle-stick quest. :)

And there you have it! I have written out all prayer requests, both permanent (i.e. "DH - job concerns") and temporary (i.e. for a friend's troubled marriage, etc.). I pick out three every night, at random, and then put them in another box till I work through them all, and then I can start again. Out-of-date requests are culled in-process, and new ones added as I think of them.

Hopefully I've found a method that will work for the long-term!

And now I'm only two weeks behind! Hurray!!

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