Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pre-Conception Diet, Update

Last night, after discussing it with DH, I decided that I am going to try going straight to Phase III of the "Pre-Conception NVP-Prevention Diet" instead of going through the torture of Phase II "just for fun." I'm also going to work on reducing carbs overall, learning gradually to eat like the diet recommends and collecting recipes that work - kind of a gradual process. I'm also going to continue to work on getting sugar and white flour out of our diet. Then hopefully, when (or rather, IF) the time comes that we want to do the diet "for real," I'll be more prepared to jump into Phase II than I was this time. I think I needed more preparation time (to research, to gradually reduce refined carbs, etc.) than I allowed myself this time.

We celebrated with frosties. :)

I actually welcome the challenge - it should be a fun project to work on. Though I make most of our food from scratch and even do stuff like homemade yogurt, our diet does still have a lot of white flour and sugar. It will be fun to improve on that, as well as to learn more about diet. I'll post on what I find!

Here's an interesting finding: I have always had problems with fatigue - for years and years. I would get up in the morning, feel fine, eat breakfast (usually cereal or some form of bread), and then within 30 minutes crash and feel horribly drowsy, sleepy, and exhausted for the rest of the day (until late afternoon, when I would wake up). I've gone to a naturopath about this, posted on forums, done research - no dice. BUT, over the past year or so since I've been trying to incorporate more protein and vegetables and decrease wheat, I have noticed vast improvements - amazing. And whenever I go back to a wheat-based breakfast, the fatigue is there immediately. Yesterday, when I binged on granola, the fatigue came right back.

Now, I'm not saying it's always 100% - but I have noticed that my mornings are better when I don't eat wheat, and I think I'm going to try to keep up with that. I am so thankful! I have always been a low-energy person, and I tend to kill people if I don't get an afternoon nap most days, but ditching morning wheat has made a huge improvement for me. That's been a big improvement, entirely aside from NVP issues!!

Also, I notice that, for myself, I tend to use grain-based carbohydrates as "excuse" foods, i.e. foods that let me be lazy. For example - it's a lot easier to grab a bagel or cereal than it is to spend the time chopping vegetables for a veggie omelet. It's easier to make a sandwich than a salad; to add bread to a meal rather than the fuss of vegetable preparation, etc. etc. etc. Grains let me be lazy, while vegetables demand thought, planning, and prep time. Another challenge to work on!

Thoughts, anyone!

Having already overspent my allotted time, I had better get back to what I was doing! Happy Sunday, all!


  1. Very interesting!

    One thing I do is try to make and freeze stuff ahead. My husband is trying to do a low-carb diet (and sounds like your low-energy description), but during the school year I don't have time in the morning to do a whole lot of stuff. So, I make omelets and other low-carb things and then freeze them; or make several days' worth and keep them in the fridge. It does take forethought, but it keeps me sane. :-)


  2. Making omelets ahead of time - now that's something I could do! Just plain egg/cheese, or veggie too? And what other sorts of things can you make ahead and freeze? (The pitfall of giving me ideas - I send more questions!!!) :)


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