Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reviewing Morning Sickness History

~ TMI Alert ~

This week I received the news that my fertility has, alas, returned full force. I had hoped to stay it off with extended exclusive breastfeeding, but no luck! So now it's back to the two weeks per month of stressed-out wondering - "Is this the month?" and the 2-5 days of semi-panic while waiting for my period. *Sigh.* Well, it's been a nice year and a half!

So I got out my NFP charts yesterday and started a new chart, and it was interesting to see the history of baby's conception. With our first, I was not charting, so I don't have definite dates - all I know is that the nausea started up about a week after I got a positive test (so somewhere around 5w0d). With our youngest, I have chapter and verse for every date from ovulation onward, and I saw on my chart that I noted nausea beginning at 3w3d - almost 2 weeks earlier than with #1. I had to start taking front-line anti-nausea meds (that is, Unisom/B6) at around 3w6d, before I could even get a positive test (I got a positive test the next day - on Christmas!). Yikes. Does my body get more sensitive to baby-hormones with each baby? That makes me very nervous about future pregnancies.

Fun to look back, though! What a Christmas that was. Moving into a new house, dealing with nausea, and keeping a baby-secret from my folks (we told them 2 days later), which was both fun (a baby!) and panicky (nausea!). Now that our precious little one is here, it's fun to look back on!

More later on that diet I promised to tell you about....

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