Saturday, March 28, 2009

17 weeks, 2 days: Experiencing Sticker Shock

I guess I need to get out more.

In fact, I know I do! I had no idea things cost so much!!

We don't usually pay for services - we usually do without, do it ourselves, or barter for services. Except for occasional car repair, we just don't pay for services (though that will probably change with home ownership, I'm sure). So I guess I just wasn't prepared for how much things out there cost!

This week I decided to do a little harmless browsing and emailing to start estimating costs for the birth things I'd like to do - nothing serious, just some reconnaissance work. Yikes! I am now wondering how we'll afford any of it, let alone all of it (that went out the window with my first estimate). Of course, I still have tons more people to talk to to get their estimates, but here's how my first estimates look:

Childbirth classes: $200
Babysitting for childbirth classes: $150
Pregnancy Photography: $300
Birth Photography: $600
Professional Doula: $500 each

Considering that we really have a budget of ZILCH to start with, a lot of these things are going out the door!

We can get a student doula for free, which we may end up doing... But I do know two wonderful doulas who I would love to hire - but that would come to $1000 for just doula work alone!

So... We've got a lot of thinking to do. And planning. Too bad I can't just discover $2,000 lying on the street, labeled "Take me!" In lieu of that, we'll just have to discover our priorities.

Moving on....

I managed to cook my first-ever thing since Christmas - oatmeal - this past week, so I'm pumped! I know it'll take a couple more months before I can do something as revolting as onions or meat, but we're on the way. And we have DH's family visiting next weekend, so that has been a great impetus to move my housekeeping up from "non-existent" to "minimal," so that's another improvement! Give it another 10 weeks and who knows what heights I'll reach!

I hope that you all are having a terrific weekend! Love to all!


  1. Hi Diana:

    You are so brave and I am impressed! Your blog is a wonderful source of information for all of us. Hugs to you today!

    Love Jenna Schmitt

  2. Diana--did you make a decision on the ultrasound?


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