Thursday, April 2, 2009

18 weeks, 0 days: First Forays Into Housecleaning

Here we are at 18 weeks! Hurray!

On Tuesday (17w, 5d) I got my first real live baby kicks - the kind I could feel with my hand. What a glorious moment! Unfortunately nothing that definite since, but I can definitely sense baby moving. I can't wait till we have the real, no-nonsense kicks all the time - when one can just lay there and watch one's tummy dance! So fun - the best part of pregnancy, I think.

Our visit with our midwives had to be put off again till next week, so it will have been six weeks in between visits. What a bummer!!! But I'm looking forward to seeing them.

We are having DH's entire family visiting this weekend, so yesterday I did my first bit of real housekeeping since about Christmas - I even washed a floor! Conclusion #1: It is HARD to clean house when one is dead tired! Conclusion #2: Cleaning a big house is a LOT harder of a job than cleaning a tiny apartment! How do you people with houses do it? Conclusion #3: Cleaning with a toddler in the house is somewhat pointless anyway. I'm sure I don't need to go into details. And a constantly-regurgitating cat doesn't make things easier either.

Normally I'm a paranoid mess when my in-laws visit, because my MIL and especially my SIL are model housekeepers of the first water. My SIL vacuums AND mops her entire house EVERY DAY - and her house really ought to be featured in a showroom. It's gorgeous. I love it. But though I'm an uptight housekeeper myself, my home has never even approached the heights that she reaches. So I'm normally a bit nervous! (Sometime when I have the time, I'll regale you all with the horrifying details of "The incident of my SIL and the imperfectly-cleaned cheese grater." It's a chilling tale.). But this time I'm just too tired to worry too much, so I'm just trying to chase away the biggest dust-rhinos and take the trash out, and hope people are satisfied. Thankfully I have an excuse!

Other than that, life just marches along! I'm starting to realize that settling into a house is an entirely different animal than moving into an apartment. I'll be surprised if we're done "settling" inside of three years. My friend Pat told me recently that she is just starting to feel "settled" after living in their house for 15 years, so perhaps it's not a bad thing.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'll check back in soon.

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