Thursday, April 16, 2009

20 weeks, 0 days: And It's a ..... Baby!!!!!

Yup, all done! We had our ultrasound today! Hurray! Now I can stop stressing about the ultrasound issue (and probably find something else to stress about, LOL).

Anyhow, it was rather fun. I felt like I was forging into new, uncharted territory, having never before had an ultrasound. Our tech was super-nice. I told her at the beginning how important it was to me to not find out the gender, and I must admit that a lot of the fun of the experience (most of it, really) was completely obliterated by my nervous fear that something would slip. I know most people want to find out baby's gender, but I would be heartbroken if I found out. So I had her turn off the TV screen (where one would usually watch one's scan) and didn't end up seeing anything except the pictures (gender-free!) she so sweetly printed for us at the end. I was sorry not to see baby's scan, but I would have been much, much more disappointed if I'd watched the scan and seen something I didn't want to see. So I ended up escaping knowledge-less, which was a big relief.

Baby definitely didn't like the scan - she (a random pronoun) was moving around constantly during it! It didn't help that I had all the information I'd ever read about ultrasound running through my mind, but I focused on the fact that I had prayed about this decision and felt that it was the right choice for this pregnancy.

DH was planning on being there with us, but due to a few slip-ups on the part of various parties didn't get to make it into the room. I wasn't sorry - after all, I didn't get so see any more than he did - and since he is a wee bit more curious than I am (he wouldn't mind knowing the gender) and wouldn't be able to keep a secret (I know), I didn't want him peering around to the screen constantly and finding something out. So it worked out well for everyone!

I'm glad to have it over with. We won't hear results for probably a week or so. I'm just hoping that the gender won't be on the results sent to our midwife! We want our birth team to have a surprise too.

If I ever have another baby (very unlikely) I'm hoping that I won't get this urge to have an ultrasound again, because it is nerve-wracking! Having done it both ways, I know now that I'd rather just not have one at all - but I really felt this time that I needed to, for whatever reason. So hopefully that need wouldn't arise again!

Love to all! Signing off for the night.....

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  1. A couple who are friends of mine were in a similar situation -- she did *not* want to know, but he did. So, the u/s tech told him (I think gave him a sealed envelope or something), so that she would still not know. But then, the husband told everybody else, and she more or less figured it out when everything was all pink at the baby shower. So, I think it's better that your husband doesn't know, since it would probably come out.

    However, have you done the "prediction" things you can find online? I know of the ring test, the Chinese lunar calendar, as well as a few "quizzes" of things you've experienced in pregnancy (things like heartburn, the way you're carrying your baby, what foods you like or dislike -- which wouldn't help you much! -- etc.). It's a fun way to pass the time, and to look back and say, "How wrong!!" :-)



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