Saturday, March 21, 2009

16 weeks, 2 days: My blog has a birthday!

Yes, my blog has turned 1!

Actually, a long time ago.... I forgot to check when I actually started this thing, and it was February 15 of 2008. So happy belated birthday!

I've had a lot of fun with this blog - it's been really good for me. I started it in order to be able to (1) collect and share my HG research (done), (2) provide information to other HG mothers (somewhat done), (3) process my own HG experience (somewhat done), (4) prepare for another pregnancy (not completed, but done anyway!), and (5) record my journey through another pregnancy (in process). So I'm happy with what has been accomplished!

My other blog, my birth blog, won't have its first birthday till this summer. That blog has been a great experience as well, and I've absolutely loved it.

I find it really interesting how different people react to trauma in their lives. I had what would be known in the HG world as the mildest-upon-mild case of HG - and yet I've needed the past three years (and more - I'm not done) to work through it and process the experience. And yet, a year or so ago, I accidentally met another HG mother at a party who had the worst-of-the-worst HG in a pregnancy which nearly took her life, and she had had no such instincts. She had done no research, no reading, had never heard of Ashli McCall (author of "Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum"), hadn't spent any time on, and was content to let bygones be bygones. (Part of that may have been due to the fact that the severity of her experience forbade her from ever trying to have another child, so preparing for another pregnancy wasn't a necessity or an interest for her.) But anyway, it's interesting! Some people can move on, and some people need to work through things for a long time. I guess I'm one of the latter - and this blog has been very helpful in that.

I'm doing just fine right now. I have even avoided throwing up for the past 48 hours or so, hurray!!! Zofran is a wonderful thing. I don't feel terrific, but that's fine - that will come. I only have a few miserable hours a day (right now, that is, it still fluctuates) and feel mildly nauseated all day - but it could be a lot worse! Last time at this point I wasn't even eating solid food, LOL!!! So I am very grateful. Baby is still fluttering, and I'm hoping that he/she will make himself more firmly known one of these days - I love baby kicks!

Still undecided on the ultrasound issue....

Well, DS is awake, so I'd better go! Love to all, and have a terrific weekend!

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  1. I'm a process-person too- I'm still working through it all- maybe since it's not completely gone. Your blog has been a tool in helping me to work through everything. Thank you! :)


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