Tuesday, March 3, 2009

13 weeks, 5 days: Continuing Down the Path

Hi, everyone! I'm checking in for the sake of checking in, but I don't have an overwhelming amount to say. Life continues on! My NVP continues ever on in its unpredictable path. On Sunday it was so bad that I was afraid it was relapsing (I actually threw up in the morning, something that has not happened to me since I started taking Zofran - right now I'm usually a post-midday sickie), but it has calmed back down a bit since then. My nose is not quite as hypersensitive as it was (thank goodness!), but it was put to the test last night with a pan of brownies my mother made (they tasted good, but oh, the smell!). But I am thankful for every day of non-HG pregnancy and for every inch of improvement.

Over the weekend I wrote a blog entry which really could have gone on this blog, but which ended up on my birth blog because it had so much to do with the medical world. Since it's mostly about HG, if you're interested, check it out here.

One very exciting thing I have to report is....... baby flutters! Yes, they're so slight as to be in the maybe-yes-maybe-no category, but I think I am starting to feel the first baby movements. I looked it up to see if it was possible this early, and the literature said that with second babies it was definitely possible (the stuff I read said that first babies are usually 16-22 weeks, sometimes later, with 2nd babies being as early as 13 weeks - and some mums reported even earlier!). Of course this doesn't have anything to do with what baby is actually doing - it's just a matter of when the mum can finally feel it! So that is awesome, and I can't wait for those definite kicks. There's nothing better in the world!

When I compare this pregnancy to my last, I have to laugh at the difference in my knowledge. I don't think many women go into pregnancy more ignorantly than I did with our first and second babies (our first miscarried). I thought that the placenta was the same thing as the amniotic sac. I thought that "dilation" referred to the vulva rather than the cervix. I had no idea what a contraction was - I had Braxton Hicks contractions for a good two months before I discovered what they were (I thought that I just had a really weird, roving uterus that could move around of its own volition). I thought that labor was all pushing. Anyhow, I had so much fun learning all the ins and outs. Now I'm doing the same thing - it's just that I have the basics down now, but I can't wait to learn more! It's such an adventure.

Well, enough off-topic blabbing! I hope that you all are having a terrific week. I appreciate your support and am glad to keep up with everyone.

Oh, one last note.... An on-line friend made me aware today that March 10th is "National Abortion Providers' Appreciation Day." At least right now, I am hoping to write a short and very pro-life piece for that day that I will post on both my blogs. Please pray that it would come across in a spirit of love and wouldn't turn into a screaming match. I dearly love my pro-choice friends and wish to cause them to examine their beliefs thoughtfully without being hateful.

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