Monday, January 27, 2014

Feeding My Addictions

I have a serious addiction to books. And another to compulsive list-making.

(I also have an addiction to plastic storage boxes, but that particular addiction doesn't come into this story.)

And so, I ask you, what do you get when you combine addictions to books and list-making?

You get an addiction to making book-lists, of course!

And so, when I implement some coming blog changes, one thing that I want to include is a recommended book list - or rather, several!

Topics that I have in mind include:
  • Homemaking
  • Parenting and Family
  • Marriage and Christian Womanhood
  • Home Education
Unfortunately, many books cover material that overlaps between various categories - and thus I'm having a hard time making hard and fast categories. 

However, that will be another fun project! Look for lots of yummy book lists, coming soon!


Tomorrow I will be posting the last blog post for "The Whining Puker." (*Sniff, sob, sniff*)

And on Wednesday, I will be posting the first blog entry for....

Just wait and see!

To be continued....

Coming soon to the Phoenix Valley... Palo Verde blossoms! 

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