Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celebrating Six Years of the Whining Puker!

I am getting very close to implementing all of the formatting changes - and new name! - for my blog, and thus, I wanted to host a party - celebrating six years of "The Whining Puker."

It's been an awesome six years!

This blog has covered so much of my life - most of my adult life, in fact.

Where has the time gone?

I started out wanting a safe place to process my experience with hyperemesis.

From there, I started publishing my research into NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) - oodles and oodles of it (most of which did absolutely no good). 

I blogged through our post-HG pregnancy, and the birth of our second live-born son

I blogged again through our next pregnancy and the birth of our third live-born son.

This blog has chronicled most of the first decade of our marriage, our first home, and this year's unemployment journey - not to mention countless other physical and spiritual journeys, changes, and transformations. 

And the whole time, as a hyperemesis blogger, I have been looking for answers. And while I have wasted a lot of time running down fruitless rabbit-holes, I believe I have found several things that truly help HG (look here and here). Direct personal experience has yet to bear these out, but I am working like a mad woman on these projects. Though this blog has widened its aspect, hyperemesis research and activism will always be a passion and will remain a theme of this blog.

And even going beyond hyperemesis research, this blog has been my hobby, my spare-time-consumer, my passion - for six wonderful years. It has gone from "I need to tell my story" to "I just love to write!"

My outlet, and my passion, is writing. This blog has been a wonderful outlet to experience the blessings of writing and of connecting with other minds through my writing, and I'm thrilled to see my blog's coming rebirth under a new title. 

And with that, we bid "The Whining Puker" farewell! 

It's been a great six years. 

Thank you, dear readers, for sharing this time with me. 

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