Thursday, May 17, 2012

Various Snippets of Life

Snippets and pictures of our life right now! Forgive me if I don't make any sense - I have "The Grinch" going on next to me, and I tend to lose most brainpower when listening to any worded noise. :)

- Baby Moose, taking his first turn at sitting on my lap while I play the piano! He's in favor of the idea, though his older brother is a little jealous:

- More of Baby Moose - notice the intensely cute chubbiness!! In case anyone is wondering about the crummy photo quality, that's DH's phone - apparently it doesn't take that great of pictures. Too bad!

- It's summer! Meaning that it's time for our uber-high-tech swimming pool to make an appearance!

- Speaking of swimming, I was once again reminded of how much baby weight I have to lose when I found that my swimsuit didn't fit. My maternity swimsuit. *Ahem.*

- We are also thrilled that our cat is doing much better! We had looked up her symptoms on the computer and found that she had every single symptom for early feline diabetes - a very, very BAD diagnosis, as it's usually lethal and/or extremely expensive to treat (the latter leading to the former). However, when we got her to the vet, all blood tests were clear for diabetes! They actually didn't find any firm diagnosis except general indicators for some sort of infection, but she is now on antibiotics and is responding dramatically - almost back to her old self! So glad, as we were rather figuring that by this time we would be kitty-less.

- Speaking of the cat: Remember our next-to-newest family member, the pipe organ? Well, we may have saved it from axe-wielding scrap-lumber seekers, but we haven't saved it from a greater peril... the puking cat. She ruined the finish on the seat before we found her out - the bench is now covered with a towel. She moved to the back - we covered it with a blanket. Now she's chosen the pedals - not sure what to do about that. However, she still remains devoted to her favorite puking site - any personal papers that I am so foolish to leave out on my desk. Isn't she sweet?

- Speaking of REALLY REALLY BIG NEWS - Here is the Chublet, KNEELING and (drum roll, please...) STANDING!!! Add some more exclamation points! We have been waiting nearly three years for this!!

He's not doing it much yet, but he's on his way!

- With the Chublet:

- Our eldest at the Arizona Railway Museum for National Train Day!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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