Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tricia's Story: Surviving Severe Hyperemesis

This mama left the link to her story on my blog today, and I spent some time today going through it. One word - WOW. This is possibly the single most well-documented case of hyperemesis that I have ever read, and it is a splendid resource - lots of writing (both at the time and afterwards) and lots and lots of pics. If you need to send an article to someone to explain severe HG, this is it. Please share this around!

My HG Story

One fact that really struck me with this mother's story was the fact that she went from "normal" morning sickness with her first, to severe HG with her second. In what I have experienced and read, most women are either HG or non-HG - the mixing of normal and HG pregnancies is rarer. I do have one friend whose three pregnancies progressed from normal morning sickness to moderate HG to severe HG. Readers, what has been your experience?

Tricia, thank you for sharing! You are a warrior mama!

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