Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snippets and Tidbits

Hello, everyone! Happy May!

- Life around here is.... may I say... nuts. Just nuts. Not that anything astounding is going on, just an insane schedule of trying to keep up with being a mum of three. Baby Giles is, as a matter of fact, an amazingly easy baby, and he is fitting into our family beautifully. It's just the rest of life that's crazy!

- Speaking of Giles, I am sad to say that we have apparently burdened the poor child with a name that no one either knows or knows how to pronounce (with the pronunciation we've chosen, that is). When we say his name, people inevitably say, "Um, what?" And here I thought that we'd chosen a name that was "rare but known," like Walter or Mildred. Nope! Rare and unknown. Ah, well.

- We have a new pediatrician! Wonderful! It's taken a long time, but I think we've found our man. And this means going back to those nuisance-and-a-half baby visits, but I'll put up with it - I do NOT like well-baby or well-child visits, but they're worth it (I guess) to maintain a good relationship with a pediatrician. So we'll see!

- Pic from a recent birthday party:

- Baby Moose (yes, he has a nickname at long last!) - taken sometime last month. He's a total chubster and extremely adorable, but I can't find a more recent pic:

- With his new obsession, the dragonfly toy (he even sleeps with it sticking out of his mouth):

- Together again - the newest and the eldest:

- Easter Pics (better late than never!):

Did I mention how absolutely insane our Easter was? We did an Easter egg hunt with our MOMS Club, made Jello eggs, boiled and dyed Easter eggs, did an egg hunt, did Benjamin's Box, did Easter breakfast with our church, plus a sunrise service that DH helped with, Easter at church and Easter dinner. And some other stuff I've totally forgotten by now! We were too exhausted to go find a church that had a Good Friday service (one of the only things lacking in our church is a Good Friday service.... *hint*hint*hint*). In all honesty, I was so glad when it was over. Not that it wasn't fun! It was - just exhausting.

- I have joined - and am having a lovely time with - a Christian homeschool group in our town. So far we've been to two park days and one field trip (to the recycling plant). I am really relieved - it is clear that our days with the MOMS Club are numbered, simply because our eldest is a good two years older than most of the kids in the MOMS Club, and this group is perfect for us.

- Remember our latest family member, the pipe organ? I had been feeling rather guilty about it after hearing that another family had wanted it.... until I learned that they wanted it so that they could hack it into pieces for scrap lumber! Ack! Guilt-ridden no more.

- We're going to the homeschool convention! So excited!!! It was an awesome experience when we went two years ago. We'll have baby in tow, so hopefully it will work smoothly.

- I finally made it to Goodwill to find some "in between" clothes... thank goodness! I have a good thirty pounds to lose, though, and I need to get on that. I usually manage to stay fairly average-weight, but the bad news is that when I do gain weight, I find it almost impossible to lose. Bummer.

- After last week's new water heater.... This week it was the garage door! Things come in threes, don't they? So.... what's next?

Well, I have tons more to write - but also a cranky baby in the next room! So - later, folks! More next time!


  1. Oh did you go with Dr. J?

    And I agree with you about Good Friday.

  2. Jen - I think so! I had the tour of his office last week and really liked it. I didn't get to meet him (he was with a patient) but I liked everything else and they seemed cool with all of our crazy alternate-lifestyle decisions. I'm going to make a 4mo. appointment for Giles and go from there based on how that goes. I'll let you know!!! Thanks for the recommendation!


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