Friday, May 18, 2012

Hyperemesis: Suffering in Pregnancy

I found this awesome article on a blog that I read and adore, Raising Arrows. Check it out!

Suffering in Pregnancy

** NOTE ** - This article deals with abortion, and it also deals with personal decisions that this mother has made regarding family planning. I am not posting this to preach at people - I am posting it because it is a great HG story and a great showcase of how one mother and one family has chosen to deal with this disease.

It is interesting to me that the mother writing this article did not seem to know that she suffered from HG - she just called it "morning sickness." Most HG mothers who have discovered that they suffer from HG write about that discovery in their HG stories - "I got online and discovered.... etc. etc. etc." Several commenters, myself included, left information regarding HG in the comments. I am thrilled about this, as this blog (which I love-love-love!!) is read by many women of childbearing age, and I'm hoping that information regarding HG can reach lots of mamas who might need the information. In fact, one commenter wrote:
"thank you sooo soooo SOOOOOO much for this post! i too go through very hard “morning” sickness. all morning – noon – and night. dehydration, ruptured blood vessels in my throut, weight loss and a deep suicidal depression. i wasn’t as honest with anyone durng my son’s (1st) pregnancy. while pregnat with my daughter (2nd) i sat at least 3 times in my midwives office crying and telling her how strong my “crazy uncontrollable desire to kill myself” was and all she said was “that it would pass”....... after having read this post and the comments that followed i am now encouraged to look in to this HG, share it with my husband and look for another midwife all together.... we both felt very alone and now i feel like perhaps their may be hope."
Information brings hope! Ladies, again, share your stories on the web! The more information out there about HG, the more awareness there will be of this condition (both in the general population and among pregnancy caregivers), and the better chance there will be of mothers getting the help and compassion that they need.

I'd like to bring in some quotes from the article and comment on them, but honestly, I'd be quoting the entire article. This was so helpful to me! I am definitely going to be printing this off and keeping it in my files.

Thanks to the anonymous author for sharing her story!


  1. I just finished a long HG journey myself a little over 4 months ago and I just want to thank you for all of the informtion on your blog. I only just found it so I haven't looked through it in too much detail but I can see that you have put a lot of time/effort into it. Thank you!! This disease is too misunderstood by so many! Anyway, I just finished blogging my own HG story and wanted to give you the link in case you want to link it to your blog and read it for yourself too if you would like!


  2. Oh sorry! forgot the link! HG is still attacking my brain :(

  3. Tricia - One word - WOW!!! I have spent part of this afternoon going through your story. I was blown away! Both by what you went through (this is a side of HG that I do not know, having had the milder version), and by the absolutely amazing work that you did to document your journey. I am going to share it on my blogs, and I've sent it to my local birth network. You are one amazing woman! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Thank you!! Any woman who endures hg for her baby is amazing in my book! Feel free to share it with whomever you want to share it with. We've got to get the word out!! Thanks again :)


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