Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Colds in One Week....

.... is really too much!

Yes, two colds in one week is really pushing it. I've had enough!

Last Friday, we went to a lovely wedding. Saturday morning, we (DH, DS and myself) woke up with the beginnings of a cold - DS more advanced than DH and I, so we're assuming that he brought it home. Thankfully, it was a super-super minor cold - the kind where you just feel a wee bit under the weather and are back to normal within a few days. The kind of cold where your body laughs scornfully at said virus - "Bring it on, you weakling!"

Apparently it took us at our word.

On Wednesday, DH woke up and said, "Oh gosh, I feel horrible." Enter cold #2. DH stayed at home for two days, and then I woke up with it on Friday (it hit properly today). We're waiting to see if baby or our eldest will be hit with #2. In the meantime, DS missed an entire week of preschool and AWANA (with cold #1 - he was never really "sick" sick, but I feel bad sending a sniffling kid in), we had to cancel baby's therapy and a multitude of other events, and we're just waiting for #2 to run its course.

I wish that life could just stop when one is sick! It would be lovely to be able to retire properly to bed and just rest when sick... instead of having to draggingly continue through life and child/baby-care. But enough complaining.

I'd update properly, but I'm dead tired - and sick! So until later... enjoy your Sabbath!!

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