Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If Two Colds in One Week is a Bit Much....

.... Then two colds plus food poisoning in one week is definitely too much!

Enough said.

But don't think I'm complaining too loudly, because I was blessed beyond measure that this food poisoning was so minor - really, really minor - I was able to get up and function for most of the day. Praise God for that, because I have had enough food poisoning/stomach flu lately - this is the third time in about six months!

So I'm not complaining. But I would really like to knock it off with the gastroenteritis! Bad, bad germs!

This has been an odd couple of weeks. Right now I am having to learn to deal with a paradigm shift in our family, one that is common enough to most families, but which being both new to me and out of line with my personality, has been a super hard-sell. I hate to sound to mysterious - I'd love to write it all out, but I make it a point to write nothing on the internet that I wouldn't like the entire world to see. So for now, onward and upward in terms of uncomfortable and stretching personal growth!

DH is currently considering a possible new job opportunity.... It sounds absolutely wonderful, except in one (to me) essential aspect - it means that we would lose something like an hour and a half of his time every day. I realize that I've been blessed to have him home so early in the afternoons (he works an earlier shift and takes short lunches), but I find the prospect of losing that family time to be something along the lines of unthinkable. Partly because I enjoy his company, partly because I believe that "daddy time" is invaluable to the boys, and partly because the hours between "daddy's home!" and dinner have been the best part of our days for the past year. If this job change happens, we will be back to "daddy's home, let's eat dinner so the kids can jump into the bathtub and go straight to bed." For me, the schedule would be a deal-breaker (even though it's not even a bad schedule, as schedules go), but I understand why DH is excited about this possibility - it's with a great company doing something that he likes (he's been doing work not particularly well suited to him at his current post). So it's definitely a matter for prayer!!

And now off to try to clean up the mess that has happened while I've been too yucky-feeling to do anything about it! That, or to collapse on the couch. The latter looks preferable. Night, all!

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