Saturday, October 30, 2010

Doctor #Something-or-Other: Chiropractor

Today I took baby to see our wonderful-and-amazing chiropractor, Dr. Jenny (who specializes in pregnancy care but also does regular chiropractic care), and while we were there also got her take on infant reflux. She has recommended weekly adjustments (hurray!) plus probiotics, so we're starting that immediately. We have time for 3 adjustments total before our GI consult, so we're going to see if we can make a dent in this thing significant enough to avoid the reflux test (of course, if baby's back-arching problems are non-reflux-caused, it won't make a difference). Here goes! Anything to avoid the reflux test.

Having a busy weekend! A lovely wedding last night, and Halloween tomorrow before a busy week starts. I'd write more, but I should be doing dishes! Cheers, all!

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